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About us
Power Cleaning Services LLC provides Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning Services. We provide office and facility floor cleaning services for corporate, commercial, industrial businesses, and municipalities. Our owners are directly involved with every customer.
Our Purpose is to become a leader in the Commercial Floor Cleaning Services industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
Our Mission is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
Our Vision is to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Why us?
Power Cleaning Service LLC does a great commercial floor cleaning job providing quality Commercial Floor Cleaning Services at a fair price that will leave both parts happy and content. Our company works hard on earning your trust and your business. We understand that the commercial floor cleaning services we provide are critical important for the success of your business.
Our job is to help ensure your floor continue to look great all year around. While there are many types of floor materials, each of them must be handled in different ways, we have the experience to maintain and improve the appearance of your floors as well as your reputation. We are also available 24/7, day or night, call us anytime and we will make sure you get satisfied with our services. We will come and give you a free estimate anywhere in Michigan for no cost to you. You got nothing to lose but 2 minutes of your time.

Will the estimates cost you anything or are they  free of charge?
Yes, we offer FREE custom estimates for commercial floor businesses anywhere in Michigan. Call us and schedule an appointment and we will make sure that you’ll love the price given and the quality of our services.

Our availability?
Our services are available seven days a week anywhere in the beautiful state of Michigan. We answer at your phone calls any days or nights for all our valuable customers.

Business Name: Power Cleaning Services LLC
Tel: (586)-663-1000
Name: Mike

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Can we do big areas or big commercial locations?
We can handle any large projects in both new and existing sites.  
Our main purpose is to leave our customers satisfied. We understand that you might be short in time too and need your project to be done fast and with the best quality possible. Our company is the right choice for that. If for example you have a space or location that need stripping and waxing of around 20.000 - 30.000 square feet like Walmart, Target or Sears, our team can get the job done in around 7 - 10 hours. If your location is even bigger than 30.000 square feet, in this case we bring another team so more people working on the same project will get the job done in that short period of time that you need us to finish. So, no matter what, we will get the job done the way you want or even better and in the short period of time you are interested us to finish or even faster. All you have to do is to call us and schedule a free estimate, you got nothing to lose.
For our first clients We have an optional service, Before we start a stripping and waxing project we can offer to get done a small test area and if you are 100% satisfied we continue working together. No risks for our clients.

How many square feet we can strip and wax in 10 hours?
One of our team can get done a surface of around 20,000 - 40,000 square feet in 10 hours. But if you need done even more square feet, we bring more people as necessary to get our job done on time. Our customer’s request is our main priority.


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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services   Commercial Floor Cleaning Services   Commercial Floor Cleaning Services   Commercial Floor Cleaning Services   Commercial Floor Cleaning Services


How do we get our job done so fast and with such a high quality?
Our company have big machines and fast equipment plus our experience. We spend money in investing in the most performant machines possible or heard and we can save you lots of money in taking care of your floor.

Why do we try to do our job so fast?
Many stores close for 8-10 hours and the stores availability is short so that is why we consider our customer’s time valuable. We will make sure our customers get satisfied with our price, job quality and with the short period of time that we can finish a project.

What techniques we use?
Commercial Floors are constantly in need of maintenance and floor cleaning services. As the part of your facility that receives the most wear and tear, they must be protected, maintained and cleaned to ensure that your business will not be affected. Power Cleaning Services LLC uses the most effective techniques to lessen the impact of daily high traffic floors and prevent any major damages.

What types of machines or equipment do we use?
We have approximately 40 Tennant Commercial Floor Scrubbers Machines of three different sizes. The large, medium and small Tennant machines that we like to use are the best floor machines that can be used for Commercial Floor Cleaning Services. Each size is used on different commercial floor cleaning projects dependable of the location size and other factors that we like to consider.

What kind of chemicals we use?
We use the best chemicals available to ensure a professional, quality look and long lasting results. Our company uses Betco, Spartan, Diversey Chemicals, which are the best floor cleaning chemicals brands of the best quality that will leave your Commercial Floor clean and shiny for a longer period of time. For a location of around 20,000 square feet we use approximately $1000-2000 for chemicals. But each case is unique so we will take care of you the best way we can.

How do we charge?
Our company charges around 0.17 - 0.25 cents per square feet for a stripping and waxing job plus chemicals. In order to estimate the price, a lot of additional factors have to be considered.
Our company will take a careful look at your floor, the type of your floor, number of finish coats or the size of the job and give you the best offer possible.

Business Name: Power Cleaning Services LLC
Tel: (586)-663-1000
Name: Mike


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